Small Combos, Boardroom, Public Address.

Portable powered mixer, two 10" Yorkville speakers.

Examples of system use - Town Hall Meeting, the Masonic Hall Banquet
Room, various pubs and taverns...
Over the years, I've put together a few PA systems originally for private use but will rent these systems as
long as I'm the operator. I have three to four systems depending on how they're configured - in mid to small
PA packages. These systems would typically be used for bands, corporate events, schools and so on.
Feel free to contact me for pricing and availability - Let's make a deal!!!
For Live Bands in medium sized venues, 200 to 300 people.

Features  Yorkville Unity U15 mains, Yorkville NX350 monitors, Yorkville
LS608 subs, A&H MixWiz3 16:2, plus processing and power.

Examples of system use - Firefighters' Hall, The Polish Hall, Queen of
Diamonds boat cruise.....
For pricing contact Olaf de Shield at 604 818-6558 or email at
Easy set-up, and punchy system for live bands, 100 to 200 people.

Features Yorkville Elite e210 mains and Yorkville E160P monitors,  
Yorkville LS720P sub, and a Yorkville PM16 mixer...

Examples of system use -  Weddings, Casuals...
Olaf de Shield
Yorkville U15 System #1 on a boat cruise 2009 (ActiveX required)